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Data migration that’s not a migraine.

We've built an incredible cloud-based data migration tool to ensure a smooth, stress-free and successful CRM transition.

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Stress-free migrations start with Bridge.

Don't put off switching to because of migration fears. Our purpose-built tool will automatically sort, process and clean your data - with an almost perfect retention score.

High data retention rate.

Data is the lifeblood of any agency and the thought of losing it is unnerving. For your peace of mind, Bridge has an impressive track record of migrating a high percentage of your database.

Automatic processing.

Bridge intelligently sorts, cleans and optimises your database - no matter how large or small - saving you the time and effort of manually organising the data yourself.

Migration support.

With a wealth of hands-on CRM migration experience, our onboarding specialists will guide you through the entire process - ensuring the journey is as stress-free as possible.

six step process

Take a look at how Bridge works.

Our cutting-edge data migration tool is tried and tested by agents across the country - ensuring a seamless transfer of data in only six steps and limiting the time you need to run on two systems.

Let’s have a first look at your data.

Our team will need to analyse your data to make sure it is as expected. Some datasets can have abnormalities that we need to plan and cater for, so an early look at your data will enable us to confirm what timeframes are possible.

Request an export from your CRM.

As we approach the agreed migration timeframe, we’ll need to get your final export of data from your current CRM. This compiles all of the data that you’re hoping to bring over to

Automatic data processing begins.

Initially, we’ll import your data into Bridge. Our software does most of the legwork for you - automatically cleansing and optimising your datasets for a seamless import into

No duplicate data welcome here.

Once your data has been processed, you’ll be given access to Bridge where you can start to review and remove duplicate records to ensure your data is as clean as it can be.

Let’s see how your data looks in

Your data is now ready to be imported into! Once this step has been completed, you’ll have the opportunity to amend records so that your records are in an ideal state.

Unleash your agency and never look back.

There’s only one more thing left to do after your final data mop up… and that’s publish your properties to the portals! We’ll guide you through the final steps of the process, making sure the transition from your previous CRM to has resulted in no loss of portal visibility.


Free for everyone, forever. is making data migration better for all. You’ll be delighted to hear there is no additional cost for using our cutting-edge migration tool… it’s available as standard to all new clients.


Our cloud-based data migration tool
for everyone
Dedicated customer support
Live progression tracker
Automatic data cleansing
Seamless CRM migration
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Success Stories

Trusted by leading estate agents.

Choosing a piece of business-critical software is no easy task. Luckily, our clients are incredibly pleased with their choice.

" is a game changer. Finally, a CRM system which is relevant to agents in the 21st century! … we needed little to no training. It’s clear that ‘under the hood’ there is very complex and advanced technology powering a stupidly simple interface which even my team can use!!!"

“The transition was seamless... And, boy, what a good decision it has been. We simply haven't looked back since. The team are extremely helpful and have been really responsive to our requests and feedback. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend the switch to anyone hovering on the fence.”

“A forward thinking company that have allowed us to leap forward with providing an exceptional client and user experience. Very happy with Street and their determination to be the best CRM out there... Looking for a CRM? Street IS the future!”

“The whole team at Street have been great, if there have ever been any problems (not often) they jump straight on it and keep you updated. They always listen to our feedback, take it on board and look to make changes where necessary. Can't fault them!”

“Street is a world-class CRM. It feels like for the first time in my estate agency career that I’ve got the best kit out there. It’s transformed the interactions between my agency and our clients. We’ve been able to sell more, faster and it’s been nothing short of phenomenal.”

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