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Property maintenance, reimagined.

Finding it difficult to understand what issues your tenant is experiencing or constantly awaiting the green light from your landlords before getting a contractor in? 

Make maintenance easier with clear, modern and beautiful workflows across both our Landlord and Tenant Apps, fed straight into your CRM.

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Triumph the tenancy lifecycle.

From extended tenancies to streamlined move-outs, will help you every step of the way through each tenancy, so the entire process is a breeze.

STreamlined process

Quick and easy renewals.

Got a tenant who wants to extend? Swiftly renew their tenancy agreement, with flexible terms that allow you to seamlessly remove any obsolete details to facilitate a smoother renewal for everyone.

Helpful checklists

A painless move-out process.

Remain compliant and streamline your communication during the move-out process with a centralised overview of everything you need to complete.

Simply follow our handy checklists for dealing with utilities to deposit refunds, so you can manage every step of the process with ease.

Maintenance made simple.

Combining an extraordinary app experience with seamless CRM workflows, see how maintenance requests are made easier when you’re an agent powered by

Tenants can effortlessly self-serve and get actionable advice on all common maintenance problems via the app, such as damp, mould, blocked sinks and lighting - saving your inbox from overload and slashing your inbound job requests by 20%.

In a few taps, tenants can submit maintenance requests with a short description, as well as supporting photos or videos to give a clear visualisation of their problem, meaning no one is left guessing.

All requests made in the Tenant App will instantly show in and agents will be automatically notified any time this happens via an activity alert and email, so nothing slips through the net.

Instantly search contractors within the Agent App whenever a maintenance request occurs, and archive any contractors who are no longer required or have expired or unarchive contractors you need to use again, in just a few taps.

When it comes to getting the green light, there’s no more waiting around. Your landlords will instantly receive a notification any time there’s a pending request, and they can approve from the phone in their hand.

Easily keep track of where all of your maintenance requests are up to with instant updates at every stage for you, your landlords, and your tenants. As the maintenance job progresses, each party will be regularly updated with push notifications.

Never miss an inspection again.

Ensure the properties under your management are being properly cared for by never missing an inspection again.

During onboarding, simply state the frequency of inspection, and will auto-schedule the appointments for you, as well as inform the tenant of any upcoming inspections in their Street App.


Streamline your compliance processes.

Imagine never worrying about compliance… tells you exactly which documents each rental property needs to ensure it is safe for tenants and meets the legal requirements.

Rely on to notify you whenever a certificate is missing or about to expire, including:

Gas Safety

Electrical (EICR)


Next-level service for your tenants and landlords.

Landlord App

Vastly improve oversight of your clients’ portfolios with easy access to key information such as important documents and tenancy details - as well as allowing them to view maintenance jobs and approve contractor quotes in just a tap.

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Tenant App

Make messy maintenance issues a thing of the past with requests that can be made by tenants at any time of day or night, without having to call into the office - all handled through the revolutionary Tenant app for faster resolutions and happier occupants.

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Automated communication.

Save time and cut back on admin, while keeping your clients constantly in the loop, thanks to our range of automated notifications that trigger after a specific activity, with a personalised message.

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