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Win business with a dedicated app just for your clients.

An industry first, a true game changer… the brand-new Vendor App is here to radically improve the moving experience and give you an indisputable and instruction-winning USP.

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Keep clients in the loop, with no effort required.

Selling a property is a big deal. Naturally, your clients want to know everything that goes on. Now they can, with the Vendor App.

Your clients can receive push notifications for viewing requests and any offers their property receives - resulting in an amazing moving experience and much happier vendors. Don’t worry, you’ll be alerted too, so you never lose oversight as their agent.


Reduce the calls, questions and chasing.

Give your clients the control and convenience they crave, while reducing administrative tasks for your team! It’s a win-win.

Within the app, vendors can access information and self-serve by viewing, accepting and rejecting appointments, all from their smartphone. What they won’t be able to do is accept offers or view feedback before it's been approved - so your agency always remains in control.


Bolster your viewings with homeowners on hand.

Have you ever been asked a question that you couldn’t answer during a viewing? 

Instead of saying: “I’ll find that out and get back to you”... you can change that response to: “I’ll ask the vendor right now”.

We’ve connected the Agent App and the Vendor App, so your team can type in the viewer’s question and ping it straight to the vendor - who can reply directly from their mobile app for an instant response. Magic.


Automated AML checks. Completed with ease.

Revolutionise the vendor onboarding process with anti-money laundering checks completed via the Vendor App. 

Designed to make compliance easier than ever, your clients no longer have to travel to your office for identity confirmation. It’s now al conveniently submitted through the app for an enhanced and modern consumer experience.


Your agency’s branding, not ours.

We don’t want to take the attention away from our agents, which is why the Vendor App is built to ensure your brand shines through.

Pre-populated with your branding.

You don’t need to spend ages designing the Client App... it will automatically adopt your branding upon login - displaying your name, logo and colours.

Customised with your details.

Your clients know exactly who to contact if they have a question. Within the app, they can simply click a button to call or email, as well as find your address if they want to visit.

Seamless client experiences.

Within the app, it’s all about your agency. No dual branding, no mixed messages. That guarantees a flawless experience and consistent service for your clients.


Free as part of
Not a bolt-on.

The best bit is that there is no additional cost for agents to utilise our revolutionary Vendor App. It’s included as part of the standard subscription! And of course, your clients can download it for free too.

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