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Enquiry Centre

Live feed of portal enquiries.

View and manage all of your enquiries with complete ease and identify business opportunities at a glance...

Talk to Sales

Easily manage all of your portal enquiries.

Did you know 40% of all enquiries never get followed up?’s Enquiry Centre makes it easy for agents to manage viewings, valuations and general enquiries - so nothing gets missed or forgotten!

View categorised enquiries

See key details at a glance with handy tags to classify the status of every enquiry you receive, such as Status, Type, Property, and more.

Assign to team members.

In just a click, you can assign enquiries to individual team members which will appear in their dashboard and list of outstanding tasks.

Send a response.

Without having to navigate away from, you can instantly send an email or text message straight to the applicant and close the enquiry.


Instantly identify the best opportunities.

Every enquiry directed from portals will flag if there is a valuation, financial services or viewing opportunity, allowing your agents to jump on revenue-making conversations, honing in on potential opportunities in your inbox.


Save masses of time with bulk actions.

More flexible and intuitive,’s inbox allows you to sort and handle multiple enquiries in one go instead of dealing with them separately.

In just a few clicks, you can assign a group of enquiries to yourself or another agent, update the status to ‘in progress’ or ‘closed’, and even send a mass reply to all relevant recipients - making your enquiries much easier to manage.


Deal with people, not enquiries.

It’s common for an applicant to enquire about more than one listing.

That’s why we’ve made it easier than ever to spot multiple enquiries from the same person.Within each enquiry, you can now view the applicant’s communication history - giving you clear insight into how best to handle the conversation and enhance your interaction with each potential client.


Strike while the lead is hot.

Don’t let leads go cold. Send automatic emails to applicants inviting them to book a viewing online, instantly securing the lead while amount of admin your agents have to complete.

Or why not motivate your team by setting a service level agreement? Expiring SLAs are even flagged so your agents know which enquiries need an urgent response.


Send personalised emails in just a click.

Send similar response emails in one go.

Send emails to multiple applicants at once with a bulk action email, allowing you to inform several applicants about a change in a property’s status, in one swift click.

Create once and reuse whenever.

Save time, reduce errors and stop typing the same emails over and over. allows you to create reusable email templates for you, your branch or your whole company.

Emails that are automated yet personal.

Add that personal touch to your email templates with bespoke merge fields - enabling you to craft and automate any regular messaging.

View open rates and clicks.

Discover the live status of all automated and manual emails sent from your account and find out who has engaged with your correspondence.

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