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Simplify your bookkeeping and make client accounting seamless.

Save hours of your time and reduce the stress of reconciliation with’s seamless client accounting software - helping you process incoming and outgoing payments with total ease.

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Remove the headache of manual reconciliation.

Let do the hard work for you! After completing a simple statement mapping exercise, we’ll automatically reconcile the vast majority of transactions in your account - saving you hours of time and unnecessary hassle.


See all outstanding transactions at a glance.

You don’t have to click into each tenancy to see which payments are due... view all outstanding payments in one list, with the associated address, due date and rent amount - allowing you to easily organise and work through them.


Process received payments in a few clicks.

Logging a rental payment is made super simple. Once it has landed in your bank account, quickly confirm a full or partial payment within your account - along with where it was paid into and the method of payment.


Easily allocate the right amount to the right people.

See all fees taken from the payment.

Clearly see a breakdown of money received and all deductions associated with the tenancy, such as retained money, your management fee and invoices.

Be aware of early payments and maintenance jobs.

On each ledger, flags if the payment has been received early or if there is an upcoming maintenance job - allowing you to wait until the due date or withhold payments to fund work.

Inform your landlords of their monthly income.

Once monies have been allocated, you can view a preview of the statement before you send it to the landlord - which details the total amount payable and any deductions that have been made.

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All that's left to do is make your payments.

Simply import the payment files into your bank, and those payments will be automatically sent to the right people - or complete the process manually if you prefer. Done and dusted.

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