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Sales progression

Taking the hard work out of sales progression.

Sales Progression is by far the most complex part of any agent's job, but makes the whole process easier than ever before for agents and their clients.

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A sales progression tool with real benefits.

Faster transactions.

The most common frustration for buyers and sellers is a lack of progress. helps to push sales along by delivering a clear timeline of required actions.

Fewer fall throughs.

Ensure the process is constantly moving forward and accelerate your time to sale by subtly nudging the right person to complete the right task, at the right point.

More recommendations.

Deliver a more straightforward and seamless buying and selling experience that your clients will shout about to family and friends - ensuring you’re a firm player in the market.

Live sales tracker

Sales progression, simplified.

Increase productivity and speed up transaction times with our visual sales progression tracker and real-time updates - improving the experience of buying and selling for all involved.

Know exactly what to do and when. gives you and your clients a list of every sales progression milestone, as well as helpful descriptions for each task, so everyone knows exactly what action to take.

Keep the process moving along.

Ensure the process is constantly moving forward and accelerate your time to sale by subtly nudging the right person to complete the right task, at the right point.

Never get left
in the dark. operates a simple traffic light system so you can easily track sales progression. A task will turn from orange, or red if it’s overdue, to green when it’s completed - providing total oversight of progression and next steps.


Automated email tracking.

Don’t be left in the dark about whether or not a solicitor has received the memorandum of sale. All of’s emails come with embedded tracking, so you can see for yourself if the recipient has opened or engaged with your email.

The street difference

Build out the entire property chain.

Get the complete picture with’s chain builder feature. In just a few clicks, you can easily add any party or property involved in the process - allowing you to create a single visual representation of the entire sales chain.

With this level of oversight, you will be able to better manage your client’s expectations and timeframes, as well as offer more accurate advice.

STREET features

Smooth, stress-free moves for buyers and sellers.

Personal online account

Buyers and sellers will have access to their own online account, where they can track and manage the entire moving process.

Information on-demand

Your clients will be able to find important information and documents relating to their move in their personal account, so they can access it at any time, anywhere.

Live sales tracking

Consumers no longer have to call or email your agents for an update on their move. They can instantly track where their sale is up to at any given point - allowing them to feel more in control.

24/7 self-service

Minimise frustrations by allowing your clients to self-serve at their own convenience. Day or night, they can complete sales progression tasks within their account.

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