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Officially out of beta.
Street Lettings is ready.

Two years in the making, Street Lettings is now live, feature-complete, robust, and ready to take lettings to the next level - covering all three core areas, while delivering a phenomenal consumer experience.

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The announcement you’ve been waiting for...


Lettings, managed every step of the way.

Whether it’s getting properties market-ready and on the portals, or staying on top of tenancy agreements, Street Lettings completely streamlines the entire letting management process.

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Market-ready in record time.

Getting listings to market as quickly as possible is vital for keeping everyone happy. Thanks to, you can bring new lettings properties to market faster than ever - with a host of features, all designed to streamline the entire onboarding experience.

Property Information Questionnaires

Gather the information you need quickly with customisable Property Information Questionnaires, a convenient way of collecting property information that complies with material information.

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Say goodbye to double entry.

Save hours of time with the Photo & Measure tool built directly into the Agent App - allowing you to submit property details and images directly into your CRM while you’re still at the property.

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Marketing a property made easier.

Onboard properties at record speed with the help of Street AI; a multi-faceted tool that takes your photos to the next level with instant editing and crafts property descriptions in your agency’s unique tone of voice in just seconds.

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Peace of mind, built in.

Remove the stress of compliance - will tell you exactly which documents are required for each rental property. Receive handy alerts any time a certificate is missing or due to expire for total peace of mind.


Finding the perfect tenant, the perfect home.

Make finding and sharing properties with interested tenants a breeze with’s seamless applicant preferences and property matching features.

Automatically match applicants to properties that are the best fit.

Send suitable properties directly into the applicant’s inbox in a click.

Easily see if applicants have viewed an email match, so you can follow up.


Properties let like lightning

Book and organise viewings in the most efficient way, with the help of's block viewings functionality.

Automatically direct applicants to book appointments on specific days and times when you've planned to be at the property - saving hours of driving time going to and from the address.


Right to Rent checks?Completed.

Feel assured in your compliance and avoid the risk of penalties with Right to Rent checks, a simplified and reliable way of verifying the right to reside status of both your prospective and existing tenants.

Visibility over every check.

View any actionable checks that are required for a property, even where there are multiple tenants and permitted occupiers, so all of your Right to Rent checks are completed within the right time.

Differentiate between occupiers.

Differentiate between occupiers from the get-go with the ability to separate tenants and permitted occupiers in every tenancy agreement, meaning you can accurately document who will reside at the property and in what capacity.

Save time and avoid confusion.

Instead of searching through multiple checks, across different places, streamline the entire process with the ability to add Right to Rent information and any supporting evidence into individual tenancies, saving time and confusion.

Stay compliant no matter what.

View all Right to Rent statuses in one clear, simplified table to ensure your agency is protected from increased compliance penalties, as well as staying on top of any checks that are due to expire, so nothing is ever missed.

Feeling the pressure of tighter regulations?

Benefit from completely streamlined processes that take all the stress away - from automated, electronic AML checks to property questionnaires that cover material information - so you can demonstrate your due diligence and meet regulations in the easiest way possible.

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Time to seal the deal.

Once the tenant and landlord are both happy, it’s time for the tenant to sign on the dotted line, and we’ll guide you through the steps so everything runs like clockwork.

Reported in app.

In a few taps, tenants can submit maintenance requests with a short description, as well as supporting photos or videos to give a clear visualisation of their problem, meaning no one is left guessing.

Synced to your CRM.

All requests made in the Tenant App will instantly show in and agents will be automatically notified any time this happens via an activity alert and email, so nothing slips through the net.

Approved in a tap.

When it comes to getting the green light, there’s no more waiting around. Your landlords will instantly receive a notification any time there’s a pending request, and they can approve from the phone in their hand.

The most powerful and versatile dashboard available.

It’s the first screen you’ll see when you log in, and now, it will revolutionise your day-to-day…Streamline productivity and inspire results with customisable dashboards, perfect for every situation from tracking your goals to ranking team performance.

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Accounting, made simple.

Process incoming and outgoing payments with ease and confidence with modern simplified workflows that save hours of time and completely eradicate the stress of manual reconciliation.

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All the core workflows, done better.

From calculating payments to transferring funds, we’ve made the basics of accounting even better… so you can rely on simplified processes that keep you on top of compliance, minimise discrepancies, and save hours of time.

Receipt payments

Allocated funds

Make payments

Send statements and invoices

Manage deposits acoss tenancies

Remove the headache of manual reconciliation.

Let do the hard work for you! We'll upload your data, and after completing a simple statement mapping exercise, we’ll automatically reconcile the vast majority of transactions in your account - saving you hours of time and unnecessary hassle.


Easily allocate the right amount, to the right people.

See all fees taken from the payment.

Clearly see a breakdown of money received and all deductions associated with the tenancy, such as retained money, your management fee and invoices.

Be aware of early payments and maintenance jobs.

On each ledger, flags if the payment has been received early or if there is an upcoming maintenance job - allowing you to wait until the due date or withhold payments to fund work.

Split Payments.

Tackle split payments with the ability to customise the percentage of ownership for each party, so Street can automatically handle the amounts that need to be paid.

Suspense Accounts.

Have a payment that can’t be allocated? Streamline your client accounting and avoid any errors by holding money securely within Suspense Accounts.

Non-Resident Landlords

Save time, reduce admin, and ensure compliance with automatic calculation and deduction of Non-Resident Landlord tax, powered by


Two revolutionary apps, built from the ground up.

Give landlords a service they want with an app that streamlines communication and transparency, meaning you won’t just win new landlords, you’ll gain life-long clients.

Landlord app.

Win new landlords and gain lifelong clients with a dedicated app that provides unrivalled oversight over their portfolio, streamlines communication and increases transparency.

Improved oversight of portfolios, allowing your landlords to self-serve around the clock.

Rental statements, conveniently stored so landlords can access them anytime, anywhere.

Maintenance requests feed into the app and landlords can approve or decline them from their phone.

Automatic storage for important documents like Gas Safety certificates or Rental Agreements.

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Tenant app.

Give your tenants the power to report problems and remain in the loop, with a streamlined and extraordinary workflow that doesn’t just improve your clients’ experience, but yours too.

Issues can be submitted with accompanying photos and videos, for clearer maintenance requests.

Get instant notifications any time a maintenance request is submitted, so nothing gets missed.

Tenants receive live notifications and status updates as every maintenance request progresses.

The app is personalised to each individual tenancy, with access to important tenancy details, 24/7.

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