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Lettings management, reimagined.

Enjoy a simplified and superior lettings journey - from enquiry through to move in and ongoing management.

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Turnkey solution for trouble-free tenancies.

Never miss a step with’s letting management and deliver exceptional service that leaves landlords and tenants satisfied… and coming back for more.

Easy application progression. glides agents through the application process, ensuring all bases are covered and you never have to worry about the next steps.

Tracked maintenance requests.

Log issues and browse an overview of live requests - helping you correctly prioritise and deal with the most urgent maintenance issues.

Missing certificate alerts. 

Imagine never worrying about compliance… tells you exactly which documents each property needs and notifies you when certificates are missing or due to expire.

Automated communication.

No more back and forth calls. Automatically send notifications to the contractor, landlord and tenant to keep all parties informed of maintenance jobs.


Lettings, loved by agents, landlords and tenants.

Impress everyone involved in the lettings process with a streamlined workflow that hits the nail on the head.

Regain your time.

By automating low-value tasks, you and your team will work more efficiently - leaving more time to focus on building your agency’s lettings pipeline.

Happier clients.

Ensure your never cut corners and always deliver an exceptional service to tenants and landlords, by simply following the checklist of tenancy progression steps.

Flawless tenancies.

Keep your landlords smiling by managing maintenance requests and prioritising issues better than your competitors, with easy-to-view tables and intuitive workflows.

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