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Agent app

On the road.
Not out of touch.

Take your CRM with you on the go - whether that’s to viewings, valuations, or photo and measure appointments - and accelerate productivity like never before.

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Incredible viewings

Know each property inside-out.

Key property details.

From the number of bedrooms and bathrooms to listing price and tenure, agents can see all the key details at a glance - so you don’t have to remember every fact about every property.

In-depth descriptions.

No longer do you need to print off the portal listing or property brochure before a viewing. Full descriptions are waiting in the agent app should you need to reference them during a viewing.

Standout features.

The Agent App highlights a property’s standout features - so your agents instantly know the right things to say in order to pique a buyer’s interest.

In-app navigation

Stress-free journeys between appointments.

Know exactly where you’re going with’s in-app navigation feature. Our Agent App is seamlessly integrated with your preferred navigation tool - whether that’s Google Maps or Waze.

At the click of a button, it’ll automatically calculate the quickest route to your next property - ensuring you arrive calm, collected and ready to conduct an incredible viewing.


Instantly answer a buyer’s questions.

While conducting a viewing, how many times have your agents said “I’ll find that out and get back to you”? Let’s change that response to: “I’ll ask the vendor right now”.

Instantly send an applicant's questions straight to the vendor for a quick response - delivering a service that far exceeds that of your competitors.

THE FUTURE OF estate agency

Real-time feedback for vendors and landlords.

Prompt, constructive feedback is a fundamental part of any estate or lettings agent’s service, but it’s one that often gets pushed down the priority list.

The App makes it super easy and convenient for an agent to leave initial feedback straight after a viewing, as well as automatically prompt applicants for their thoughts.


Mileage reports done and dusted in a few clicks.

No more retracing your journey on Google Maps. No more tedious spreadshets. The Agent App does the hard work for you.

Our mileage calculator automatically traces your journeys based on the appointments in your diary. You can quickly check, edit if required, and submit the report for manager's approval in just a few taps.

Mobile app

Your ultimate pocket companion from valuation to listing.

Show your clients you’re not stuck in the dark ages by utilising the latest technology to deliver a modern, immediate and superior service at every stage. It’s a sure-fire way to win more instructions and sell more listings.


Impress vendors at a valuation.

Every valuation is an opportunity to sell your agency. will give you a unique USP to set you apart from your competitors.

While you’re still sitting in the vendor’s living room, you can quickly enter the agreed market appraisal estimate into the Agent App. Then, all the valuation information will instantly be sent to the vendor for their reference - preventing crucial tasks from being missed.


Photo and measures on mobile.

Reduce double entry, avoid mistakes and save hours of time by adding property information straight into while you’re out and about.

Capture every detail about a property in situ to ensure accurate and comprehensive listings. You can upload images and information such as room types, room sizes and descriptions - as well as highlight outdoor spaces, garages and more.

STREET features

Total safety and security on the go.'s Agent App is packed full of security features to keep your agents, inventory and assets safe. Find out more about them below.

SOS and
viewer safety

Ensure your team members always feel safe during viewings. The Agent App has a built-in SOS feature that immediately alerts all branch staff in an emergency and pinpoints the distressed agent’s exact location.

Simple key management

Agents can instantly check keys in or out with just a tap - all from their mobile phone for total ease. Not only that, but keeps an accurate, digital key management record, so team members know exactly where inventory is at any given point.

access details

Be the agency that vendors and landlords undoubtedly trust by implementing high security standards. Control access to confidential information such as key box or alarm codes with facial recognition identification.

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