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StreetWise gives users access to bite-size tutorial videos - helping you and your team get up and running on as soon as possible.

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Intuitive software with integrated training.

Learning a whole new piece of software can feel overwhelming. However, has been built with simple user experience in mind and comes with an integrated training hub to help your team become proficient, fast.

Designed for new users.

Each element and feature within
has its own tutorial video - so you and your team are not having to retain huge amounts of information all in one go.

Every feature covered.

From booking viewings and valuations to using the enquiry centre and setting up integrations, there won’t be one bit of that you’re not familiar with by the end of your training.

Bite-size tutorial videos.

The great thing about StreetWise is that each tutorial video is no longer than 8 minutes - meaning that even the busiest agents can spare some time to brush up on their knowledge.


Track your team’s training progress.

Want to know how your branch is getting on with their StreetWise training? Managers can view at a glance which tutorials have been completed by each of their team members, as well as their percentage of module completion. It’s the perfect way to find out who is ready to be let loose on


Our success stories

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“The functionality in Street is absolutely you’ve got to see this. I’ve been using the software for 3 months and it’s totally tranformed my business.”

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