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The most powerful, versatile and insightful dashboard available.

Custom-build your own dashboards, complete with everything from key metrics, goal tracking, task lists, leaderboards and more, to get all the insights you need within seconds of logging into your account.

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A total powerhouse for agency productivity.

It’s the first screen agents see when you log in, it’s the screen that’s seen hundreds of times a day, and now, it’s going to revolutionise your day-to-day.

Unlimited dashboards.

Agencies and individuals can create as many dashboards as they desire to suit how they operate on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. There are no restrictions and no limitations.

Totally customisable.

Manipulate your dashboard however you want, with customisable and moveable widgets that show everything from valuations booked to your outstanding tasks.

Endless possibilities.

Create long-lived dashboards to track quarterly or annual key results, single-day dashboards for events like a call-out day, or use it as a performance review system.

Dashboards for anyone, at any level.

Dashboards can be created at a personal, branch, or even company level which means everyone in your agency has access to the insights they need, whenever they need it, to become radically productive.

insightful data

Custom-build a dashboard with 50 data-rich widgets.

No matter whether you’re a business owner who needs a snapshot of key metrics, a manager reporting on team performance, or an agent trying to hit their targets, the dashboard provides unparalleled flexibility.

Track performance.

At a glance, view everything you need to track your agency’s or team’s performance, such as instructions won, valuations booked, and viewings completed - all visualised in a way that suits you.

Oversee lettings activities.

Stay in the loop of everything lettings offers received and accepted to inspections overdue and active maintenance requests - so nothing slips through the net. 

Ignite healthy competition.

A leaderboard widget is the perfect way to create a buzz in the office and spark some healthy rivalry for metrics like the number of instructions won. 

Stay on top of tasks.

Supercharge team productivity by adding a list of outstanding and completed tasks onto your dashboard, giving you greater oversight of what you need to do to hit personal or business goals.

Drag, drop, move and resize.

Create your own visually engaging dashboard layout with widgets that you can move and resize to create a bespoke view of your KPIs, helping you to stay on track in a way that suits you.

Track the goals that matter most.

Keeping track of how the needle is moving is one thing, but how do you drive performance to really accelerate your growth?Easily set your business goals and track them against key metrics in your dashboards to effortlessly monitor progress.

Set goals in a click.

In just a few clicks, time periods and the target metric for individuals, teams or even the entire branch, all housed in the goals page which will automatically feed through onto the related dashboard.

Keep on track with personal goals.

Personal goals and KPIs will be fed directly into every team member’s individual dashboard so they can track their progress and view everything they need to be doing to meet the expectations of the agency.

Meet the business objectives, every time.

It isn’t just personal goals that can be found on the dashboard, the overall objectives of the business can be added on every team member’s dashboard, so everyone knows what’s expected of them.