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Power your account with these best-in-class apps.

From Slack to Mailchimp, offers a variety of powerful integrations to help your team achieve even more under one roof.

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Enhance your marketing strategy by integrating your account with Mailchimp - enabling you to send targeted communications to the right people.

Sync your contacts syncs your contact database with your Mailchimp account to ensure it’s always up to date and accurate - so you never reach out to anyone who has requested no marketing.

Save audience lists

For more effective marketing campaigns, you can filter your contact information and create specific audience lists, such as applicants, vendors, tenants and investors.

Send targeted campaigns

Different audiences don’t want to read the same message. Using your segmented audience lists, you can easily send bespoke messages to the most relevant people for maximum engagement.



Connect your account to Slack, set up your preferences and start receiving instant notifications when something important happens.

Customisable alerts

Turn on the specific notifications you wish to receive - whether that’s a new instruction, confirmed viewing, cancelled viewing, accepted offer, or all of them!

Instant notifications

As soon as something important happens within your account, we will alert you by sending an automatic update to your dedicated Slack channel.

Stay in the loop 24/7

Even when you leave the office, you can stay informed on any events that happen… or choose to snooze the notification and get some well-deserved rest.


A property’s photos can directly impact the amount of interest a listing generates. ensures every property looks irresistible, while the integration saves you time and hassle handling the assets.

Retouched images

From adding blue skies to removing unsightly objects, will professionally retouch your photos to help you show your properties in the best light and generate maximum interest.

No manual uploads

Once your photos are ready, they will automatically appear in your account - saving you the hassle of downloading large image files onto your computer and re-uploading them into

Save time and wow clients

How many times have you had to return to a property to take more photos? That’s a thing of the past. Clients will be impressed by how good their home looks, the right time around.

Need a custom integration? Use our APIs.

Our robust APIs let you seamlessly integrate with your own tech stack, product or other tools - letting you create bespoke functionality and enhance your experience on

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