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case study

Grayson Florence

What happened when an independent agency shut the door on their old CRM and invited in

Grayson Florence was one of’s first clients - a partnership that has only grown as the agency has gone from strength to strength.

David Florence, Director of Grayson Florence, was struggling with his previous CRM before changing to The old software was non-responsive and difficult to navigate; it lacked important client features that impacted the way his agency communicated with their customers. 

See David's full testimonial below...

Why David chose

Grayson Florence is dedicated to offering clients a fully-professional service, from the start of their property journey, right through to move in. And’s simple approach to the complex moving process meant that David could prioritise his clients, while our intuitive software automatically guided agents, vendors and buyers along the sales progression timeline.

David commented: “I changed to because I wanted to save time on the little tasks, so I could spend more time with clients.”

The Street team is constantly developing our CRM so it continually helps agents to supercede their potential; all while placing the client and end user at the forefront.

David added: “Street is always trying to develop the product to help their partner agents, which then goes towards us helping our clients”

Everything you need… in one place. has changed the way Grayson Florence operates. Not only can they now provide a more seamless experience for their customers, but clients also benefit from having modern features that allow them to self-serve at their fingertips.

A recent client commented: “The bespoke online system made everything from viewings to offers simple and transparent. Being able to use modern tools like Whatsapp for communicating, made everything effortless!”

A new way to buy and sell houses.

Instantly favouring’s innovative text and auto-response features, David and his team have been able to totally modernise vendor communication since partnering with us.

“Communicating with clients is no longer something we have to remember to do, now they’re with us all the way along. They’ve got full access to the portal so they can see everything that’s happening - which helps them feel part of the process.” has helped the agents at Grayson Florence build successful relationships with their clients, inviting them to work side by side, rather than shutting them out.

“The booking system empowers the owner to be part of the process. It’s a level of involvement that’s great for building relationships and sharing what we do as agents.”

A cut above the rest

After their previous CRM sent Grayson Florence backwards rather than forwards, managed to get this award-winning agency back on track.

David said, “Street were head and shoulders above the other CRMs I looked at.”

Grayson Florence is now one of the most successful agents in their area - a title they attribute to their partnership with

“If you’re thinking of a new CRM, you’d be at fault for looking anywhere else, other than"


Grayson Florence: Trophy cabinet has skyrocketed Grayson Florence’s success as an agency - they’re now one of the top agents in their area for average time to sell.


EA Masters 2021


ESTAS Best in County 2021 and 2019


ESTAS 2020 - Southern category