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case study

Stephen Tew

From clunky software, to top-class mobile technology.

One of our favourite success stories from our mobile Agent App, Stephen Tew Estate Agents has experienced great results from portable property technology.

The agency has always invested in the latest state-of-the-art technology to provide an unforgettable service that is second to none. However, recently switching from using iPads to our incredible CRM on the go, has made it easier for the team at Stephen Tew to conduct viewings and valuations - and ultimately, drive even more business.

Professional service, at your fingertips.

Our mobile app gives agents all the information they need to impress buyers and deliver incredible viewings - just with the smartphone in their pocket. For the Stephen Tew team, the Agent App has been instrumental in helping them conduct perfect viewings, every time.

Stephen commented: “The app gives my staff more information instantly and makes the company and team more efficient, professional and knowledgeable.”

A favoured CRM, an even more favoured app.

We’ve worked hard to put all the best parts of our CRM into our handy agent app. And Stephen Tew has taken the property bull by the horns by using’s pocket companion to make his agency a cut above the rest.

The ability to relay an applicant’s questions straight to the vendor for an instant response is one of the features particularly favoured by Stephen and his team.

Stephen says: “We really embrace the instant questions since these are the typical questions we get asked on viewings. It’s great to have it all on the app, especially since it also transfers them over to the main system, as well. 

Sending and receiving constructive feedback is also a fundamental part of the process, keeping everyone in the loop and making sure they’re all on the same page.’s mobile app works to keep feedback at the top of an agent’s priority list by asking them to add their initial thoughts straight after a viewing, as well as automatically prompting applicants for their thoughts.

Stephen commented: “The instant feedback offered by the app is great, particularly the fact you can also log an offer - which then goes straight onto the system. It’s brilliant.”


Stephen Tew’s mobile triumph.

Since adopting’s mobile app - Stephen and his team have taken their viewings and valuations to new heights.


Viewings conducted


Valuations scheduled


Offers submitted