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December 13, 2021
Street Blog

What’s new in Street? December 2021 Development Update [part 1]

Head of Product

There are just 12 sleeps until the big day! And while we might be feeling festive over here at, the work hasn’t stopped. We’re still full steam ahead delivering lots of new and exciting development updates before the New Year. Continue reading to see what we’ve been up to over the last 2 weeks...

Vendors can confirm viewings via message link

We’ve streamlined the whole process of managing and confirming viewing requests for vendors - delivering an even better experience for your clients.

Now, every time a viewing request is submitted on their property, the vendor will receive a text with a link to their account. From here, they can easily confirm, rearrange or cancel any outstanding appointments in just a tap and without even having to log in.

View valuations generated by source

Some of our agents requested to see a breakdown of their valuation sources. Their wish is  our command! This new function allows users to see which channels are the most lucrative for their agency - so they can optimise their marketing strategy and know where to focus their efforts.Our devs have been working hard to implement this change with accurate tracking and we’re proud to say it’s now live.

Note for users: Simply head to Reporting > Sales and Lettings Valuations dashboard to find this information.

Send individual property match emails

It’s now easier than ever for agents to trigger and send property match emails 'on the fly' to maximise the chance of making a sale.

All an agent has to do is search for an applicant directly from a property page and click send. Then, our system will automatically fire off a pre-populated email with all the details a buyer needs on that listing. No more typing up the same emails over and over again.

Agents can send communications from multiple brands

We’re focused on building a system that suits the needs of agencies large and small - and that means working closely with our clients.  

As some of our current agencies operate multiple brands, with their own names, addresses and logos, we’ve prioritised changes to accommodate this. It’s now possible for agents to set up alternative email addresses and email signatures, and choose which to use when sending a custom email from within

As part of this work, we’ve also added a 'from' field within the email functionality, allowing agents to choose where communications are sent from and replied to - whether that’s a main email address, alternative email address or branch email address.

Select who invoices are addressed to

To further optimise invoices within, agents can now choose who their invoices are addressed to: the solicitor or the vendor.

Once the correct party has been selected, this will be reflected in the invoice document that is automatically created.

Well done to our fantastic devs, who have implemented 5 fantastic changes to the platform within the last 2 weeks. And guess what? It’s not even our final development update of 2021, so keep checking back.