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February 28, 2024
Street Blog

20 brand-new innovations launched at our Showcase Event

Street Sales Team Lead

At, we’re committed to helping agents dominate their local market with modern, best-in-class tech. And, in our most recent showcase, we unveiled some of our latest innovations, all of which have been carefully designed, curated, and developed by our incredible in-house development team.

But with over ten brand-new innovations, a range of integrations added to our roster, an industry-first launch, and an exciting lettings update all crammed into one 60-minute event, let’s recap everything we launched…

Dynamic Street Dashboards.

We completely reinvented the main dashboard to work across any size agency for either Sales, Lettings, or both, making it as powerful and insightful as possible. With over 50 widgets to choose from, the Street Dashboard gives our agents the flexibility to do everything from getting a snapshot of key metrics to reporting on department performance.

Agent App: A fresh new look.

We’ve overhauled the look and feel of the Agent App for an improved user experience, with a new design that’s clean, allows smoother navigation, and gives agents access to more information on properties, vendors, landlords, and applicants. 

Agent App: Searchable Contacts.

We added easy access to full contact databases, instantly searchable, directly in the Agent App. Now, agents can message and email directly in the app, using the same infrastructure as the CRM. That means, messages will come from the office number, emails will come from your work email address, and all of it will be stored in the activity log in

Anti-money laundering checks, submitted via app.

The entire process of AML checks are now automated right from collecting the information, to submitting the check, and reviewing and storing the results. Clients are prompted by the app to carry out their checks which automatically feed through to our partners at Landmark.

This automation is completely transparent with the AML overview report in any account, giving a full view of what checks have been completed as well as any that remain outstanding. 

Property Information Questionnaires.

Ensuring listings are completed accurately and comply with material information is a time-consuming task, especially with the upcoming parts of B & C of the regulations. That’s why we’ve added Property Information Questionnaires at no extra cost into our onboarding workflow.

Our form builder is intuitive, customisable and simple to use, delivered in-app directly to your customer then instantly fed back into And, we are the only CRM on the market to offer a tool like it.

Mobile listing approvals.

Making sure your client is happy with their property listing is paramount, not just to make your listing as accurate as possible, but for compliance reasons too. Now, streamlines listing approvals through the Street App to help agents iron out any changes, confirm approval, and get listings live faster than ever.

AI Custom Writing Styles.

When we first launched Street AI, we wanted to help our agents save time and become radically productive. Custom AI Writing Styles take this even further, allowing our agents to use the specific language that makes their agency stand out, while reaping the benefits of quick and reliable content generation.

Agents can train Street AI to write and communicate in their own unique voice, mimicking both your style, tone and structure with both emails and property descriptions. Just like magic, Street AI will learn how your agency writes, using the content you provide.

Street Labs.

Be part of the agents in our beta testing program, Street Labs, with 20 new spots released to our wider client-base for the first time ever. As a Street Labs beta tester, you will have the opportunity to trial new features before general release, and play a crucial role in the development of to ensure the most innovative solutions for running your agency.

OpenAPI: New webhooks.

Agents or suppliers using our OpenAPI can now benefit from webhooks; a function that facilitates automatic alerts whenever a new event occurs, such as the completion of a sale. Our latest update has ensured a seamless synchronisation between agents, suppliers, and their tech stack. With this, they’ll receive instant alerts about any particular changes made in, providing them with immediate access to real-time data. 

Brand-new integrations. is integrated with technology partners across the breadth of PropTech, covering compliance, marketing, telephony, social media, and so much more. And we’ve just expanded our roster even more to include a range of brand new different integrations, all designed to help your agency become more agile, including:

  1. Gazeal
  2. MovePal
  3. Embryo
  4. Inventory Base
  5. Brief Your Market

An exciting update on Street Lettings. 

We’re opening up the last remaining slots on our Street Lettings beta program for agents who would like early access. As a part of this beta group, you’ll gain access to our groundbreaking lettings platform which will truly set you ahead of anyone else.

Effortless tenancy management and maintenance requests.

Revolutionise how you and your tenants interact through a flawless, and consistent app experience, designed for streamlined tenancy management and seamless reporting of maintenance issues. Tenants can now quickly submit maintenance requests with accompanying media, so no one is left guessing, and maintenance requests are resolved faster and more efficiently than ever.

An instruction-winning landlord experience.

We have created a world-class app that completely transforms your landlord experience and takes your service to the next level. The app makes managing properties easier than ever for your landlords, with access to key information and simplified approvals for maintenance requests.

Organised rental statements.

To help remove even more admin, our latest update automates the entire process of rental statements, allowing landlords to retrieve statements directly from the Street App! Any time a rental statement is sent to the landlord from the CRM, it will automatically appear within the Statements tab in the app for easy, organised access.

Seamlessly search your historic data.

We help agents easily migrate their data using our tool, Bridge. And, our new Import will retain and store all of your legacy data, assistant data and make it completely searchable within, so you can access historical data anytime.

Want to find out more?

We invite you to watch our recent Showcase Event, where we demonstrate the features we’ve covered here and show you how they’ll provide a better way of running your agency.

If you have any further questions or you would like a full look at, book a demo here.