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February 17, 2022
Street Blog

What’s new in Street? February 2022 Development Update [Part 2]

Head of Product

We’re officially two months into the year, and time surely is flying by. Our talented development team has also been flying through a multitude of system upgrades. Here’s what they’ve been working on over the last two weeks…

Create block viewings for a property

Agents told us they want to remain efficient by having the same agent complete back-to-back viewings for one property. That’s why our developers prioritised and built the functionality for block viewings.

You'll be pleased to know that agents can now set up a day of block viewings, as well as select viewing durations for appointment slots, pick a day (or days) for the slots to be booked, and assign an agent to take all the viewings in that window. This will not only be flagged on the agent’s calendar, but also on the property page - meaning clients will be encouraged to make bookings in the same block. Clever? We think so.

Select specific agents for viewings

You now have complete autonomy about which of your agents can be booked for viewings online. We know every agent has their strengths, so you can now pre-determine which agents can be booked for viewings on each individual property - great for if a certain agent knows a lot about a certain area.

Toggle on/off online bookings per branch

For agents that still want to test the waters with our online booking system, we’ve now allowed branches the option to turn the feature on and off. This means you can test out online booking for each individual branch, and see if it works for you. But spoiler alert... we think it will.

Brochures automatically added to documents and files

We’ve taken out the extra step of manually uploading exported brochures into the documents and files section of Now, when agents generate a brochure, it’s automatically added to the system. Better still, the file size limit no longer exists so agents can attach super-high-quality brochures to their arsenal!

Better lettings reporting

Our developers have given lettings reporting a facelift, meaning users can now see valuation and viewing reports specific to sales, specific to lettings, or as a combined report. Now, you have oversight over your entire agency.

Add viewing preferences to property onboarding

It’s now really easy to add your viewing preferences to a property during onboarding, including the duration of viewing appointments and specific agents. This new feature gives you even more control over how you manage your viewings.

With six new features added to over the last fortnight, we’re continuing to make 2022 the best year for all agents out there - including you.