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April 14, 2022
Street Blog

What’s new in Street? April 2022 Development Update

Head of Product

While the start of the month has brought with it the dreaded April showers, our team has been working hard cramming in all the updates before the big Easter bank holiday arrives…

Street Insights integration is live!

Booking a valuation is often one of the first interactions agents have with vendors, making it a great chance to demonstrate your unparalleled knowledge of the area and present yourself as the local expert. The brand-new property cards give agents key details at their fingertips, allowing you to talk in-depth about the vendor’s home and its potential value. It’s a great way of demonstrating your market knowledge and can help to drive business.

Powered by our integration with Street Insights, we’re being truthful when we say no other CRM has access to this level of property data and can assist agents in onboarding properties as swiftly or accurately. It’s just how we do things here.

Identify instruction opportunities with the Spectre integration

Understanding as much about an applicant’s current position as you can helps to determine if there’s any opportunity to onboard them as a vendor.

That’s why when agents upload an applicant and their current address onto, the platform will pull the following information onto a Spectre ‘card’ if the current address is listed on the market: 

  • If the applicant has a property to sell
  • How long the property has been on the market
  • The date on which it first came to market
  • With which agent it’s being sold

This Spectre integration is a gamechanger for identifying potential opportunities for new instructions - meaning agents can win more stock while onboarding new applicants.

Customisable branch calendar

We created to help agents organise their workflow - and their workforce. Up until now, the branch calendars were ordered by when an agent was first added as a user… which in the spirit of organising viewings, wasn’t the most efficient way of doing things.

Now, agents can click and drag names to fully customise the order - saving them time in scrolling to find the relevant team members. It’s just another way makes organising viewings a piece of cake.

Find sales with no solicitor

Slow sales progression is often one of the main reasons an applicant or vendor's experience can be negatively impacted - something that can be improved by making sure all parties have a solicitor ready and in place as soon as possible.

Users can now filter by ‘no solicitor’ on the Sales table to find individuals who still need to instruct a solicitor. This ensures your agency is always delivering exceptional service while giving you the opportunity to promote partner companies for additional revenue.

More control for owners over viewings

We’re focused on creating a platform that helps agents and owners manage their properties in the most efficient way. Previously when properties For Sale or Let were vacant and keys were still present at the home, never required owner confirmation for viewings.

However, owners have since said they wanted more control over when viewings took place. Now, there’s a unique network setting that lets owners manage viewings - highlighting how we built not just for agents, but for everyone involved in the property process.

Manage properties set to low profile

While our ‘low profile’ setting can come in handy for a variety of reasons, agents were sometimes losing track of properties they had previously set to this status.

Our new check box feature on the properties table provides a list of properties currently set to this status - letting users confirm whether they should be low profile or not, and to avoid listings inadvertently being hidden from the portals.

Six new developments including two game-changing integrations… The team has started the month as they mean to go on - taking our CRM to the next level, and then some.