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May 31, 2024
Street Blog supports Rightmove’s listing changes to keep agents compliant with Material Information.

Head of Product has added new information fields directly into their property records to help agents stay compliant following the new material information guidance.‍

Rightmove has added new fields into their Real Time Data Feed (RTDF), following Trading Standards issuing its final guidance on Material Information Parts B and C. Rightmove worked closely with Trading Standards to give agents clarity on what Material Information is required on property listings.

The field changes are to help agents remain compliant, and provide home-movers with more detailed and accurate material information on property listings. Once the new fields were announced, acted immediately to accommodate it within their CRM to keep listings aligned with Rightmove.

Rightmove has added a range of new fields to online listings in line with Trading Standards’ guidance, including: 

  • Parking facilities
  • Accessibility features
  • Utility supplies
  • Rights and restrictions
  • Listed property status
  • Flood risks

The feature enhancement in enables agents to fill out information in line with Rightmove, and each field includes a marker so users can instantly see which part of Material Information (parts A, B or C) it relates to. Data fields on the property pages can also be automatically pre-populated from’s data tool, Street Insights, meaning agents can easily publish accurate and compliant listings to Rightmove. 

Rightmove’s General Counsel David Cox commented: “Since the final guidance for Material Information parts B and C was published by Trading Standards, we’ve been working to make sure agents can remain compliant and share this new information with us as easily as possible. We know this is a really big change for agents, and we hope this final guidance gives agents the clarity they need over the information which is required, and we expect more home-movers will start to look out for this information as they become aware of the new terms.”

Co-Founder of, Heather Staff, also commented: “One of the key missions at is keeping our customers ahead of the curve of evolving technologies and industry changes, just like the new material information requirements. That’s why we’re constantly updating and enhancing our CRM to support our agents in creating accurate and compliant listings. 

“Once the new Rightmove fields were announced, we acted quickly to ensure the new fields were built into our platform to align with Rightmove’s new fields, making it easier to meet the new guidance.”

Alongside the new information fields, the award-winning CRM has added invaluable features such as mobile anti-money laundering checks and customisable Property Information Questionnaires. The new digital Property Information Questionnaires allow agents to customise their own set of questions, relevant to updated material information guidance,  that vendors can fill out directly within their app. These questionnaires, alongside new data fields, give agents the best foundations for a thorough, streamlined and reliable compliance process.