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June 23, 2022
Street Blog

What’s new in Street? June 2022 Development Update

Head of Product

Our first update of the month, and wow, it’s a big one! Stay tuned to discover everything the incredible Street team has been up to make our innovative CRM even more powerful.

Edit important documents before sending them

Our agents asked for it... and you should know by now that we always deliver! Now our users can create Terms of Business for a vendor and tailor the template for each individual client before sending it out. This means agents have complete flexibility over the content of their individual agreements with each customer, without needing to generate a new template each time. Users can input fee illustrations and edit negotiated terms within seconds - it's just another way saves you valuable time and all those minutes add up! Simply create your Terms of Business against the property as usual and select 'edit document' to take advantage of the customisation feature.

Add notes to explain service charges and tenure

What’s included in a service charge can vary... that’s why we’ve added the option for agents to add notes to the system that explain what’s included in the price - essential for when agents are discussing their properties. They can also add text to explain the tenure of the properties, so they have everything on hand to answer any questions clients might throw their way.  

See the total number of enquiries on a property

Agents can now see at a glance the total number of enquiries a property has had during the time it’s been listed. This new feature is great for when agents are relaying information to owners about their property, and how it’s behaving on the market.  

Filter viewings and valuations by Sales and Lettings

Every agency has their strength, so we’ve added a way to filter both viewings and valuations by either Sales or Lettings. Agents can now see the information that is relevant to them - and can focus on what they do best.

EPC and property details now included in Memorandum of Sale

Agents no longer need to remember to send the EPC certificate and property details separately with a Memo of Sale; now automatically includes these documents for them. If an EPC certificate is available, our system will instantly attach it to the file, as well as include a link to the property page containing all the relevant information. It’s just another way our CRM helps agents streamline their processes by automatically completing manual tasks.

Additions to our Sales Agreed and Sales Completed reports

We’ve added even more details to our sales reports recently, meaning agents have all the information they need to discuss any property to hand. Our Sales Agreed report now includes the following:

  • Expected exchange date
  • % of asking price achieved, per property and as an average overall (great for talking to clients about how much more your agency gets for the properties you market than the original asking price)

Our Sales Completed report now contains the following details:

  • Listed price
  • Difference between the listing price and sale price
  • % of asking price achieved
  • Expected exchange date
  • Exchange date
  • Number of days to exchange
  • Expected completion
  • Number of days from sale agreed to completion
  • Instructed date
  • Date offer accepted
  • Average % of asking price achieved

CC and BCC all parties into your emails

Agents can add everyone they need into their emails (like colleagues, or solicitors) through CC or BCC. This means they can keep the necessary people in the loop and never have to chase anyone for more information.

New notifications of property activity

Whenever there’s a new property listed, or when a property exchanges, agents are now alerted in their notifications tab - meaning they can keep an even closer eye on what’s happening in the market.

Improvements to the invoice table

Our invoice table is essential for helping agents to stay organised and on top of payments. That’s why our team has taken the time to make things a little clearer. We’ve added a column to show a property’s completion due date so agents know when money will next be coming in, as well as putting all overdue invoices in red.

New additions to the Sales Pipeline report

We want our CRM to work for agents up and down the country. Previously, our Sales Pipeline report only included properties that were SSTC, however, Scottish agents don’t use this status. Our team has now added new options onto this table to account for this like Under Offer and Exchanged - so every agent can see what’s most relevant to them.

More chances to get feedback on viewings

Our team has made it easier to gather client feedback by flagging when an applicant has viewed multiple properties, but an agent hasn’t followed up on their initial thoughts. This feature ensures agents never miss their chance to get feedback and makes them more efficient in the way they work.

See how you’re performing with our Enquiries report

It’s important for agents to understand how well they’re doing so they know how or when to change their game plan. We’ve highlighted the % of enquiries that are being converted to applicants on our Enquiries reports - helping agents be one step ahead.

Important security improvements regarding your data

One of our most popular features is how agents can export tables of data outside of To make sure this data handling is as secure as possible when it leaves our system, we’ve permitted admins to decide who can and who can’t export it. It’s an extra level of security we think is essential when it comes to a CRM.

Book a viewing from an enquiry

We know we harp on about it, but we built to help agents be more efficient in their day-to-day. So to increase this efficiency even more (and reduce the time agents spend clicking around our CRM), we added a drop-down viewing booking option to an enquiry, so users don’t have to go far to make the next move.  

Phew! 13 brand-new updates to our system. What can we say? There never has been a team that works as hard (or as fast) as