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May 1, 2024
Street Blog

What’s new in Development Update April 2024

Product Marketing Manager

The team has been hard at work in April, implementing several enhancements and releases. These updates include adjustments to Material Information fields, new owner preferences for lettings, and new features aimed at facilitating BACS payments and invoice management. Dive into the details below… supports portal changes to keep you compliant with Material Information has introduced additional information fields to our property record page in preparation for portals surfacing more Material Information on listings. Each field is labelled to indicate which part of Material Information (A, B or C) it pertains to, helping you to ensure that your listings are compliant. Plus, with's mobile Property Information Questionnaire workflow and integration with Street Insights, you can automate data population and simplify the onboarding process, making it easier than ever to publish accurate listings on portals.

Owner Preferences for lettings

Now on a landlord's profile, you can now add owner preferences to customise your service even more. You can set preferred contractors for each landlord, so that when maintenance requests come in, you’ll know which contractors the landlord prefers to work with. You can also set a float preference amount and a minimum job cost for instant approval. Additionally, you can edit and add statement recipients, allowing you to add more email addresses to receive copies of the statement.

Added Invoice Created date column to the Invoice table

We have added an Invoice Created date column to the invoice section, which allows for better visibility of payment windows and can be exported in CSV format.

Ability to export lettings invoices into Xero format

We have introduced a new feature that allows you to export invoices to Xero in addition to the existing ability to export them to QuickBooks. With this update, it is now easier to add invoices to your preferred accounting software to manage client accounting effectively.

BACS file formats added for Lloyds & Barclays

We’ve added new BACS file formats for Lloyds and Barclays. This now means agents on can manage bulk payments for those alongside Natwest, RBS, Bank of Scotland, Virgin Money, Calmony, and HSBC. 

Added additional fields into the deposit export

Now, upon exporting the deposit table in accounting, you will be able to see the Reference Number, Tenant Names, and Registration Date along with the existing fields. This will provide you with a complete overview of all deposit details whenever you want to export information out of their CRM. 

Added Tenancy Reference into tenancy export

You can now export a list of all tenancies, which includes a newly added tenancy reference column. This column complements the existing columns covering landlord and tenant details, status, service level, and rent amount.

Set Maintenance Inbox for issues reported via the app

Now, you can specify an inbox email address to receive all incoming maintenance requests raised by tenants through the Street app or website. This setting overrides the company maintenance inbox setting, giving you better control and visibility over inbound maintenance requests.

Collapsible cards on the Property Page

We've revamped the Property Page to introduce collapsible cards, including the Property Information Questionnaire card, Checklist card, and Compliance card. This enhancement allows you to neatly organise your Property Page, making it easier to focus on essential information effortlessly.

Thank you for tuning in to our development update for April. We are now focusing on the next wave of updates. Our upcoming releases are expected to further enhance your experience on For the latest news on our progress and future updates, please follow us on X and LinkedIn.