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May 16, 2022
Street Blog

What’s new in Street? May 2022 Development Update

Head of Product

Another month has flown by at Street HQ - seriously, where did April go? We’re back to bring you the latest and greatest updates implemented by our team recently. 

Fully integrated e-signatures 

Say goodbye to physically signing and posting documents, or signing them electronically through a totally separate system… you can now use our fully-integrated E-sign tool to sign paperwork directly within itself. 

After instructing a property, agents can generate a Terms of Business document that requires an E-signature. Better still, users can create these documents in our very own Document Generation tool, and select exactly where these signatures are required and by whom.

Then after generating the paperwork, automatically sends an email to all parties containing a link to Eversign - where documents can be signed in seconds. Our system recognises when everyone has signed, updating the agents on which signatures are outstanding. In short, this new development is a game-changer for automating and simplifying paperwork online. 

Generate an activity report on your properties

Big news. Agents can now see a movement book relating to their stock over a certain period of time - such as a particular day or week. This allows you to see information on all properties from instruction right through to completion - great for prioritising tasks and highlighting issues that need addressing. These reports are also perfect for boosting agents’ morale with the ‘wins’ of the agency like new instructions or exchanges. 

New SMS content

We built to help your agency soar to the top of the local leaderboard - and a great way to do this is by having a personalised service that really puts your clients first. That’s why our team enhanced  the content in our automated SMS messages to include (where relevant):

  • Booking agent name
  • Visiting agent name
  • Applicant name
  • Company (agency) name

… allowing you to engage in a more specific and personal way with customers. A guaranteed winner. 

Changes to agents’ calendars

Two small changes, but two mighty fine ones. Firstly, agents can update the specific timings of their calendar appointments; sometimes the standard appointment duration isn't what they’d like to book, so we’ve given agents the ability to manually update the appointment time to precisely the exact duration they want.

Secondly, Street now shows the property’s first line of the address on an event name within an agent’s calendar - enabling agents to scan over their calendar without having to click into each event for more details.

Filter Lettings applicants

To reflect what an agent would ask a potential tenant with a rental viewing enquiry, we updated our online booking flow to include relevant questions that help agents filter down candidates. 

We also amended which given answers would then allow an applicant to book a viewing, and which would prevent them. For example, agents can filter applicants with a bad credit score - in turn controlling the necessary requirements needed to book a lettings viewing online. Not only does our 24/7 online booking system allow agents to receive requests at any time of day or night, but they can also be confident they won’t be dealing with any applicants who don’t meet their minimum quota.

More accurate garden listings

To make sure agents can show off their properties in the best possible way - including showcasing every last impressive detail - we made a change to the way agents list a property’s garden information on the portals. Users can now specify front and rear garden information separately for a property, meaning their listings will always be as accurate as possible.

Changes to our viewing workflow

Last but not least, we’ve made it even easier to differentiate between properties by adding a column for ‘type’ of property which helps agents quickly identify which is sales, and which is lettings. Simple stuff, but very effective in the long run. 

With seven updates over the past month, you’d be right in thinking it’s been full steam ahead over at in April. But by now, you’ll know that’s just how we like it.