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March 28, 2022
Street Blog

What’s new in Street? March 2022 Development Update [Part Three]

Head of Product

A third development blog in the same month? That’s how long March has been going on for… and while we’re wondering just exactly how we’ve managed to get through a five-week month on one singular paycheck, here’s everything our team has been working on recently.

STREET EXCLUSIVE: Agency-branded valuation booking system

Available only with, agencies can now add a fully-branded (but Street-powered) valuation booking system onto their website. This allows potential vendors to benefit from’s seamless booking flow, all while remaining on your site. After entering their details and creating a user profile, consumers can choose a set valuation time based on the valuer’s availability - previously set up by the agency.

24/7 valuation bookings and a flawless booking process? It can only be

Filter by agent within reporting

Our new filter allows you to see how particular agents are performing over a set period of time. By filtering by agent name in both the Valuations Overview Dashboard and Completed Sales Overview, agents and branch managers can keep an eye on a number of key performance indicators - for example, how many viewings an agent has booked and carried out, or the total amount of fees an agent has generated.

See the number of viewings booked online

Agents can now track the number of viewings booked directly by consumers with in our Viewings Overview - in addition to viewings booked by agents. This new feature allows users to monitor Street’s Online Booking functionality - including how these numbers increase over time.  

Can you believe we’ve managed to squeeze 12 updates in just one month? Our groundbreaking CRM is being more and more innovative every single day because of our talented team who are constantly working to make the very best it can be.