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November 16, 2021
Street Blog

What's new in Street? November 2021 Development Update [Part One]

Head of Product

Our developers have been non-stop this month adding lots of incredible features to And because we always want to keep you in the loop, we’ve outlined exactly what these new developments are, and of course, how they make your job even easier.

New homes and developments

Agents can quickly duplicate a property within a housing development - instead of having to create each listing from scratch.

This new feature also allows agents to assign new or existing properties to a specific development, so you can view all its homes in one place and access key information at a glance - great for when talking to developers.

Transparency over viewing and valuation cancellations

If a valuation or viewing is cancelled, now prompts the applicant or homeowner to select a reason as to why. This then feeds through to the agent informing them of who cancelled, the property address, why the appointment was cancelled and any other additional notes that were provided.

Automatic push to portals

In order to save your agents even more time, we have cut down the process of pushing your properties to the portals to just one step. Now, as soon as you finish creating a new property in, we'll automatically push it to the portals.

Note: If you didn’t finish publishing edits on a property before this process was changed, this will be clearly highlighted in your account.

Feedback reminders

Last month, we delivered an improvement to our enhanced viewing feedback workflow - which agents loved! However, we received feedback saying that users would like to send feedback reminders without having to navigate away from the call card - so we listened to your request and implemented that change.

Agents can now automatically send an email reminder to applicants instantly after a failed contact attempt by simply ticking a box.

Multiple email recipients

When drafting an email to clients, you can now choose which team member or email address their responses will be sent to.

We’ve added a ‘reply to’ entry field so agents can CC in their colleagues. This means the client’s reply will be sent to a different inbox or multiple inboxes - reducing the chance of important emails being missed.

Commercial property listings

Do you deal with commercial properties? now caters to various types of listings - with the option to select retail outlets, offices, and even land, both for sale and to let.

One place for invoices

Users will be pleased to know that we’ve added a centralised location where both agents and admin staff can access and process invoices - instead of having to generate them via a property page.

Total number of enquiries for properties in a development

As per agent feedback, we have added a statistics card to each development page. This allows agents to see the number of viewings booked, live enquiries and closed enquiries at a glance. Therefore, if the developer ever wanted to know how much interest your agency has generated in their development, you’ve got those figures to hand instantly.

Automatic assignment of applicants to agents

With so many things to do, it can be easy to forget small, but important, tasks  - like assigning an applicant to an agent. To ensure this doesn’t get missed or forgotten, we’ve made it a compulsory part of the onboarding process within It automatically selects the agent creating the profile, however this can be changed if required.

Additional Slack notifications

Agents requested that they wanted to be notified about sales offers through their Slack channel - so we did exactly that. If your Slack is linked to your account, simply enable the notification and start being alerted about these exciting developments.

1 month, 10 updates... we’ve definitely been busy, but that’s just the way we like it. Here at, we pride ourselves on constantly innovating and developing - so you have a CRM that works perfectly for you.