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February 2, 2022
Street Blog

What’s new in Street? February 2022 Development Update [Part One]

Head of Product

As we reach the end of what has seemed like the longest January to date, we want to bring you the latest update on what our developers have been working on recently…

Default links added into valuation pages

Our developers added a feature that allows users to insert their own links into valuations that are sent out to potential vendors, and it's received great feedback. Agents can now set ‘default URLs’ in their settings, and once saved, these links will automatically be entered into every valuation document - and you can always add more if needed. With links to websites, brochures, and videos, agents can now fully customise valuations depending on who will be receiving them.

More prominent buttons on the valuation page

There’s a reason we constantly take on board agent feedback to improve our CRM - we want to make work for you. After we were told the buttons on the Valuation page could be easily missed, we got our heads together to completely redesign the layout. Now, these buttons have been moved higher, so you don’t even need your glasses to see them.

Customers can book valuations via the Street platform

It’s now even easier to win more valuations. By turning our Online Viewing Bookings feature on, your customers will be prompted to book a free valuation with your agency after they confirm their viewing online. All you have to do is flick the 'Enable Online Valuation Bookings' toggle on in your general settings.

Property style added to onboarding and valuations

Agents have told us that they would like to add the style of the property when onboarding it into For example, specifying that a property is a bungalow. Not only have our developers added this feature to property onboarding, but agents can also include this information when creating a valuation.

Browser tabs now display address first

It’s normal for agents to have multiple tabs open in their browser as they work... but it could become confusing to identify which tab was which at a glance. Now, every page has the property name first on each browser tab - so agents can navigate to the right page even easier.

More business targets added

We built to empower agents and help them get the most out of their workday. That’s why we’ve included more target types for management to set. Valuations booked and instructed can be added to the dashboard for users, branch or network. All agents have to do is go to Settings > Company > Targets.  

Choose the portal to promote your properties

Sometimes agents want to push their properties to some portals, but not others... and our new update makes that possible. On the Property Portals link, users can select or deselect any of the available portals, meaning the property will only be pushed to the chosen sites. It’s just another way we’re helping agents run their agency in the most efficient way they can.

Well done on getting through the toughest month of the year! Also a shout out to our fantastic development team for implementing seven new features to our platform in the last two weeks… and the year is only just getting started.