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January 10, 2022
Street Blog

Preparing for 2022: Tips for generating leads and beating the competition

Senior Business Development Manager

The new year can be a great time to take a step back and look at how you are doing things in your agency.

All agents should be reflecting on 2021 and asking themselves critical business questions, such as... What areas could me and my team improve upon? What tasks take up most of my team’s time? What adds the most value to my clients? What else can we do to drive more business?

It is answers to these critical questions that’ll help you to work out how you’re going to attack the market, generate leads and get ahead of the competition over the coming twelve months. And to help agents prepare their method of attack, our experts have identified three major things you can do to make 2022 the best year yet.

Amplify your customer experience

Enhancing your customer service is a foolproof way to stand out from the competition, all while gaining more market share. According to research by Google, more than two thirds of customers are likely to buy from a business that has convenient communication, so by keeping customer experience high on their priority list, agents can easily reap the rewards over the coming year.

So how can you transform your service offering, without the rigmarole? It’s simple - technology! Smart CRM systems allow your customers to self-serve online; not only providing the modern, convenient and accessible service they crave during their move, but also low-value tasks for the benefit of agents. In turn, agents can spend more time delivering a better experience overall; customers don’t constantly have to rely on agents for answers, but they can still reach out for help if they need it.

With more free time to prioritise high-value tasks that can’t be automated, like negotiating and providing localised advice, agents can benefit from more referrals, better reviews, and ultimately, a higher spot above the competition.

Find and resolve your customers’ pain points

Identifying customers’ frustrations and resolving them before they come to light ensures high customer retention. This will keep the customers you already have happy, increase your number of referrals, and ensure past clients reinstruct your agency in the future if they decide to sell again.

One of the most common pain points for buyers, sellers, tenants and landlords alike is a lack of transparency. An easy way to resolve this is by keeping all information in one easy-to-access place, such as an online portal. Here, your clients could complete outstanding tasks, fill in pending paperwork, and find all the necessary information regarding their move - all at their own convenience and without having to pick up the phone if they don’t want to.

Online portals mean your consumers have complete clarity over what’s been done so far, and what’s left to do. It’s estimated that on average, only 13.8% of people sell through the same agent they purchased from, so by employing transparency in all your agency processes, you can not only be the one to change this statistic, but set your agency out above the rest.

Maximise your lead handling

Good agencies can generate leads, but the best agencies are the ones that nurture them and convert them into customers. Guaranteed, this is easier said than done but there is now incredible technology available to help agents improve their lead handling processes.

For example, modern CRM systems can capture every property viewing request that comes your way. And since the majority of enquiries happen out of hours, investing in automation technology will help to instantly secure them, ensuring valuable leads don’t slip through the cracks or go to competitors.

Classifying leads is another great way to optimise agency processes and maximise business. Using a pre-qualification system to filter applicants means agents can focus on high priority leads first, before going down the rest of their call list. Lastly, nurturing leads and making them feel supported through the process, solidifies their trust with your agency; using a CRM to keep leads informed about new listings that have come on the market with property matching emails, guarantees they will stay ‘warm’ and remain with your agency rather than going to competitors.

Agents that focus on enhancing their customer experience, resolving consumer frustrations, and improving the way they handle leads, can get ahead of the competition and guarantee a winning year going forward. And with the addition of a groundbreaking CRM, like, you can make sure that it’s your agency staying on top in 2022.