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December 14, 2021
Street Blog

The Big Street 2021 Roundup

Head of Product

We can’t believe we’re saying this, but 2021 has almost come to an end. But as much as this past year has gone by in a blink of an eye, our developers have been working hard each and every day to make our CRM the very best in the business. That’s why we wanted to take a moment to look back over the last 12 months and see just how far we’ve come...

Here are some of our favourite updates from 2021.


We started the year off strong by launching our applicant management feature which included a new table with power actions, lead ratings, and follow-ups - allowing agents to add and edit contacts quicker and easier. We then added a task management dashboard where agents could see all their individual and branch tasks at a glance as well as add tasks to properties, view applicant profiles, manage sales, and more.


The second month of the year saw our development team successfully integrate our software with Mailchimp which meant agents could sync their database with a world-class email campaign tool. That wasn’t the only integration, however… we also integrated with WhatsApp and brought modern communications with higher engagements and faster responses onto your chosen CRM.


In March, we added company records into Users were able to add details for companies, including primary contacts and their contact details - a great way for agents to store important information and easily keep track of commercial partners and customers.


A third of the way into the year! Next on our list of developments was our game-changing integration with Slack which meant agents could receive notifications in real-time on both desktop and mobile, and stay in the loop 24/7.

We also successfully created proactive applicant and property matching. This advanced functionality allows agents to see who opened, clicked on, and ultimately engaged with property matching emails, helping agents to quickly weed out interested applicants and create efficient call lists.


As the weather started to get warmer, we launched our very own Agent Mobile App! Agents can access all the property and applicant information they need on their mobile for incredible viewings - without the need for a pen or paper. This month, we also set up intuitive invoice creation, turning generating invoices from a terribly tedious task, into an effortless piece of cake.


Midway through the year, we took our CRM even further. We created an intercom so agents could reach out to our customer support team and receive a reply in less than 60 seconds. Six months later, our customers still rate our chats at 95% or more.

June also saw the launch of property brochures where agents can create sleek and modern marketing materials at the click of a button, as well as key reporting so users can view business insights in real-time through beautifully designed reports. What a busy month that was!


In July, we optimised our online booking feature by adding branch, agent and vendor availability settings. With this innovative functionality, agents have complete control over the appointments they offer to consumers through the online booking system - so they never get bookings outside of office hours or on days when a specific agent is unavailable.

Our team also created the new Street Calendar for agents to stay organised with easy access to both their own diary, as well as their branch’s.


As summer came (and shortly went), we launched PerfectMatch so agents could note down detailed applicant preferences and find them their perfect property based on a compatibility rating. We also created a class-leading cloud-based tool for migrating and de-duplicating an agent’s data, meaning they can start with a clean dataset when they begin using Street.


This month, Street Group attended the Prolific North Tech Awards and celebrated the brilliant achievement of being shortlisted for Saas Company of the Year 2021! Despite the celebrations, work didn’t stop at Street HQ...

Our in-house development team launched valuations on the Street Agent App. This feature means agents can conduct valuations and send out valuation reports while still sitting in a potential vendor’s living room, streamlining the previously complicated process.


For the month of Halloween, the Street team opted to treat our clients... no tricks. We set up automatic portal updates, meaning agents no longer had to manually trigger their property listing updates. Similarly, we altered our automated notification controls so they could be adjusted at branch level, meaning each team could decide exactly how they wanted to contact consumers.


In true Guy Fawkes style, we started off November with a bang. Not only did we launch our brand-new website, but we created a state-of-the-art platform to empower agents up and down the country. Street Insights offers UK agents unrivalled data on over 25 million properties and fully-branded trackable reports totally FREE for life. It’s just another way we’re changing the property game.


And to wrap up another eventful year, our most recent developments have become the angel on top of the tree. We upgraded our Street Agent App so it can now be used to support an agent when conducting photos and measures. From your mobile, an agent can take and upload property photos straight to Street, record room measurements and key features, and access appointment information.

And our second gift for December? A new lettings ‘offers’ stage that makes it even easier for agents to filter through rental enquiries, relay offers to landlords, and find the perfect tenant.

We’re proud of how far we’ve come this year, but we couldn’t have done it without you. Our valued clients are the reason we keep on developing our CRM and making it better, so you and your team can be the best agents you can be.