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November 30, 2021
Street Blog

What’s new in Street? November 2021 Development Update [Part Two]

Head of Product

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been busy making even better than before - delivering six new features that’ll take your CRM to the next level. Here’s everything our developers have been working on in the latter half of the month.

Improved invoice tables

Last month, we moved all your invoices to one dedicated place. This month, we made that place even better. We’ve added:

  • New options in the table, like property address and property status
  • The ability to search by property address
  • The ability to filter by property status

Coming up next… the option to select a specific date period. Keep your eyes peeled!

Assignment of applicants to agents from any branch

Adding a feature that automatically assigns an agent to an applicant works well until you have an agent that works across different branches - but we’ve fixed that issue.

Now when you go to assign an agent to an applicant, you can choose from the entire network of agents in the dropdown menu. will still automatically assign the agent, even if it’s someone that’s not in that branch.

Notifications at property level

Agents can now toggle which notifications are sent per property - rather than turning off notifications for every vendor in the branch. All you need to do is go to any property, then info > settings > notifications. It’s the update everyone’s been asking for, and it’s finally here!

Improvements to Developments

As per agent feedback, we’ve added several new features to the Developments section of You can now add the following to a housing development:

  • A ‘main contact’
  • Property images
  • A company (coming soon!) Lettings

The innovations don't stop there. As well as sales, our developers have also been busy improving lettings on

Safety certificates

We understand that complying with Health and Safety regulations is one of the main priorities for agents that manage lettings properties. As a result, agents need to have proof of and access to important documents like EPC, gas safety, and the Electrical (EICR) certification, at all times.

You can now upload these documents, determine a certification, and add in key notes such as inspection dates, onto Plus, we’ve grouped all these together under a certificate ‘card’ on the property page which displays the three main certifications and their expiration status.

Christmas is just around the corner, but we’ve got no plans of slowing down here at We’ve still got many many developments in the pipeline before the New Year.