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October 24, 2021
Street Blog

What's new in Street? October 2021 Development Update

Head of Product

One of the reasons we work so closely with our customers is so we can constantly innovate our groundbreaking software and make it the ultimate tool for empowering agents. Together, we can build a world-class CRM that makes the process of buying, selling, renting and letting, easier and more profitable for all those involved. Keep reading to discover what our amazing development team has added to in October.

Interested applicants

Separate the hot leads from the cold ones by marking an applicant as interested in a particular property. View your refined applicant list, along with contact details and buying and financial positions, helping you to generate a priority call list and work more efficiently.

Intuitive viewings workflow

Chasing, recording and relaying feedback can be a time-consuming and messy business. We've now created a one page view for managing viewing feedback, so there's no need to jump from property to property in order to see what tasks are outstanding.

Notification management

Automated SMS and email alerts can now be toggled on or off to suit you and your clients. You'll find a whole host of settings relating to viewings, valuations, sales offers and more. Simply set up your preferences for company and branch level and then leave it to run in the background.

Valuations on mobile

Every valuation is an opportunity to sell your agency and win more business. Impress potential vendors by quickly entering the agreed market appraisal estimate into’s Agent App and send them all the details whilst you’re still sitting in their living room.

October was a really busy month for the team - but by now, we’re used to it! When it comes to building the most cutting-edge CRM that works for you, we find it crucial to work with you, as well. It’s just what we do here at